Swaleha Khanzada

Sawleha Khanzada, is a Folk Art, One Stroke Painting, Level II, Donna Dewberry Certified Instructor.  She finds the brilliant ever changing panorama of nature very inspiring.  Capturing the beauty of colors on canvas fascinates her.  She believes that colors are the different shades of life; a reflection of an individual’s persona.  In her teaching span of about twenty one years, she took much joy in teaching Studio Art to High School students.  Her classes love and respect, the vibrancy of vivid colors and textures that is unique for each and every student.  She is an advocate for team work and positive approach.

Sawleha, thinks that Folk Art, One Stroke Painting, a technique of imitating nature to make it our own, gives the feeling of escaping into fantasy land of creating Art.  It is an Art Form of loading the brush with two colors to create beautiful flowers and leaves in just One Stroke.  It is an easy, simple, and neat way of painting.  She believes all Art forms are therapeutic, and this is no different. 

She does not believe in limiting the self to any particular way of creating art; for she finds growth and understanding in experimenting with different mediums and forms of art.  Be it writing poetry, essays or doing Abstract art, she feels compelled to incorporate her personal experiences and everything that happens around her in her art.  For Sawleha, art is meaning and direction, a channeling of one’s thoughts, feelings and emotions.  

 Her gallery of artwork can be viewed on her Facebook page.